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Make Programmable Line Follower Robot Based Microcontroller Atmega8535

Robometricschool. - Let we make programmable line follower robot based microcontroller Atmega8535 now. In here you will get more information how to make programmable line follower robot based microcontroller Atmega8535 likes know proximity sensor circuit diagram, microcontroller Atmega8535 circuit diagram, and also driver DC motor circuit diagram. In here we also give you source code Atmega8535 program that made from CodeVision AVR.

Part 1

In the part 1, we will show you all of schematic diagram of programmable line follower robot based microcontroller Atmega8535.
  • Proximity Sensor (Line Sensor)
Programmable line follower robot designed to follow black line on the floor, so we need sensor that can do it. In here we use proximity sensor or line sensor to do this work. Proximity sensor work to detect a black line with using LED and Photo-diodes component that will detect light or not light changing like in figure 1 below:

Figure 1. Work Principle of Proximity Sensor

We can make our self proximity sensor easily with follow proximity  sensor schematic diagram like in figure 2 below:

Figure 2. Proximity Sensor Schematic Diagram

  • Data Processing Microcontroller Atmega8535
To process data from sensor and also give command to driver DC motor circuit, we use microcontroller Atmega8535 to do this work. To know the schematic diagram of microcontroller  Atmega8535 as base in line follower robot, please see figure 3 below:

Figure 3. Data Processing Atmega8535 Schematic Diagram

  • Driver DC Motor using L298
To make line follower robot can rotate the dc motor, we need driver dc motor. In this design we use L298 as main component in driver dc motor. We not design driver motor dc using transistor component but using Integrated Circuit (IC) L298. Here is schematic diagram of driver DC motor using L298 like in figure 4 below:

Figure 4. Driver DC Motor using L298 Schematic Diagram

Part 2

In part 2, we will show you source code of programmable line follower robot based microcontroller Atmega8535. This is software part that you can make this program using CodeVision AVR software that you also can download freely from this blog. 

We must need source code program to make our line follower robot can "think" good to work follow the black line on the floor. Here is source code program for line follower robot that we are designed.

#include <mega8535.h> 
unsigned char sensor; 
void main(void) 
{ while (1) 
case 0b00000001: PORTC=0b00000001; break; // to the right
case 0b00000010: PORTC=0b00000100; break; // to the left
case 0b00000011: PORTC=0b00000101; break; // straight 
case 0b00000000: break;

Part 3

In part 3, we will show you mechanical design for programmable line follower robot based Atmega8535. And than we can test our line follower robot that we make. Figure 5 show mechanical design for line follower robot that we designed.

Figure 5. Mechanical Part of Line Follower Robot

After we are installing all part of line follower robot, now we can test it using a black line like in figure 6 below:

Figure 6. Line Follower Robot Track Line Test

Figure 7. Line Follower Robot Based Atmega8535

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  1. thank you very much, but, how to control speed of DC motor using PWM for each case? (every time LF get to turn left or right, it have to slowing down the speed before turn.. thanks..

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