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How to Measure F-STOP in LightMeter

Robometricschool. - Do you know Lightmeter? According the name of this this device, that lightmeter meter is instrument that used to measure light. Usually lightmeter is used in camera to measure light environment and   to make good setting exposure in camera.

Figure 1. Kind of Lightmeter Shape (image:detikinet)

According Enche Tjin that active in digital photography said that there are two kinds of lightmeter these are Reflected Lightmeter and Incident Lightmeter. Here are description of two lightmeter.

Reflected Lightmeter is light measurement system contained inside the camera, and can also be activated in an external lightmeter. Lightmeter will calculate the light reflected by the subject and choose a camera exposure settings (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) to tonalnya 18% gray.

Incident Lightmeter can used to calculate the light falling on your subject. With mode incident lightmeter more accurate because it directly measures the quantity of light falling on your subject, not reflected. Type of incident lightmeter good for portrait photos with a flash, to measure the difference in light exposure of primary (main) and filler (fill).

How to use Reflected Lightmeter and Incident Lightmeter?

When you use Reflected Lightmeter in camera firstly you must active reflected lightmeter with simply press the shutter button half. In external lightmeter Sekonic, aim or point tool to midtone areas (areas that are / dark midtone brightness), and the LCD screen will indicate exposure settings, including f-stop is recommended for wear.

And when you use Incident Lighmeter you can start to use it with placing your subject and direct white dome light lightmeter facing direction and pressing the button on the lightmeter.

If the direction of the light from the side that illuminates your subject, point the dome into the lens to get the f-stop calculations are accurate. Setting the appropriate F-stop will appear on the LCD screen. 

When you know two mode of lightmeter, now you can choose good and suitable lighmeter in your photography project with select good camera too.


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