Sunday, March 24, 2013

Free Download Electronic Software Protel 99 SE to Design Electronic Schematic and PCB Layout

Robometricschool. - One of application software that very suitable to design electronic schematic and PCB layout is Protel 99 SE. You can use Protel 99 SE easily with take free download Protel 99 SE to design electronic schematic and PCB layout from Robometricschool blog.

Figure 1. Protel 99 SE illustration 

Protel 99 SE is software that used to design electronic schematic, run schematic simulation and also to design  PCB layout with size of components dimension layout. We can run Protel 99 SE in operation system Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, and also Windows 7.

Maybe you will ask why we must use Protel 99 SE? It is because in Protel 99 SE there are many easily when we use this software. One of the advantage when we use this software is there is facility that can used to make PCB layout autoroute. Although we design very difficulty circuit, we can convert into PCB layout easily with autoroute facility. So you can enjoy this software when you use it.

Note: we use external server to provide Protel 99 SE


  1. gan maaf mau nanya, saya ada mata kuliah software ini, sempet ngerjain tugas schematic juga tapi kemaren ga tau salah pencet atau kenapa, pilihan component nya ilang? cara ngebalikinnya gimna ya gan??

    1. coba di add component sj, atau kalau hilang bisa ditambahkan lagi daftar component yang ada disoftware utama ke folder componentnya...tapi paling mudah memang di remove dan di install ulang...

  2. Hola , intente descargar Protel y dice que ya no existe. Otro lugar para descargarlo ? Gracias

  3. Watch Video " Run Protel 99 SE on Window 7 & Solve library File Not Recognized Error"

    www youtube com/watch?v=R7Orthw0L1o

  4. Great work you are doing as you are providing electronic softwares for free download


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