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Electronic Schematic Diagram of Switching Power Supply using LM2674

Robometricschool. - In this time we want to share with you about electronic schematic diagram of switching power supply using LM2674 that can be used as power supply schematic diagram collection when you want to make your self switching power supply.

In old edition we gave you more electronic schematic diagram of power power supply, but not any that using  switching system. So in here we want to give you power supply schematic diagram that using switching system that more efficiency when used.

We can make switching power supply using IC LM2674 from National Semiconductor factory. IC LM2674  is converter integrated circuit with changing output voltage or we can adjust output voltage from IC LM2674. So please see all schematic diagram of this switching power supply like in figure 1 below.

Schematic Diagram of Switching Power Supply using LM2674

Figure 1. Switching Power Supply using LM2674 Schematic Diagram

Component Lists:

Switching Power Supply schematic diagram above using components as follow:
  1. C2    -----------------------> 100uF/50V
  2. IC1   -----------------------> LM2674
  3. C1    -----------------------> 100nF
  4. D1    -----------------------> Schoottky
  5. L1     -----------------------> 10uH
  6. C3    -----------------------> 100uF

Circuit Performance:

Schematic diagram of switching power supply in figure 1 above using high switching frequency more than 260KHz, so this circuit using small capacitors and inductor. LM2674 using to change  of serial LM2671. To achieve high efficiency and small size of the converter. Under normal conditions, the efficiency of 90%, and in some cases, can reach even up to 96%. Both devices are protected against overcurrent and overheating.

LM2671 has a number of additional features such as soft start and the opportunity to work with an external generator. The second allows you to synchronize multiple converters, which significantly reduces the noise created by them and ensure compliance with the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

From schematic diagram of switching power supply using LM2674 will give 5 volt output voltage and 500mA output current. 


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