Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Advanced Bomb Disposal Robot 2013 from Pakistan

Robometricschool. – One again advanced bomb disposal robot in 2013 is robot to disposal the bomb from Pakistan. This robot is made by Sulaiman Khan the master's level students at the Institute of Physics and Electronics at the University of Peshawar, Pakistan. This robot is classified as advanced robot 2013 that can disposal the bomb effectively.

Figure 1. Advanced Bomb Disposal Robot 2013 from Pakistan
Advancedbomb disposal robot that developing by Sulaiman Khan has purposed to help people to disposal bomb. This robot will detect and analysis suspicious package with remote control.  Here is the work of this robot.

Robot will detect and analysis the suspicious package with remote control. The arm of this robot can manipulate the suspicious packet from far distance and will send the visual image to the people who controlled this robot easily.

Continuously that this robot can disposal the bomb from safety distance more than in radius 15 until 20 meters with bomb weight more than 21 kilograms. And in this robot there is wireless camera as visual. This robot not only functioned to bomb disposal only but also can secretly observe objects, perform experiments in hazardous environments and engage in acts of espionage.

So it is advanced robot discovered in this year 2013 from Pakistan. And this robot  will be developed to get more higher capacity in his works.(her)


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