Saturday, March 30, 2013

Electronic Software Proteus 7.8 Full Version

Figure 1. Proteus 7.8
Please read and download Proteus 7.8 for Windows using link below:

and if link broken using link below:


Read Also Other Version :

Friday, March 29, 2013

Electronic Circuit Schematic Simple Motor Stepper Driver using Transistor D400

Robometricschool. - I think you very popular with motor stepper that usually very suite used to get good position. Motor stepper work to rotate step-by-step according input that drive this motor stepper.

In here we want give you Electronic Circuit Schematic Simple Motor Stepper Driver using Transistor D400. Why we said that this simple circuit of motor stepper driver because only need simple transistor circuit that functioned as on and off the motor stepper. In other word that transistor D400 only functioned as electronic switch.

Figure 1. Simple Motor Stepper Driver Electronic Circuit

Component List:

  1. R1, R2, R3, R4 -------------------> 1Kohm
  2. D1, D2, D3, D4 ------------------>  IN 4004
  3. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 ------------------>  D400

Schematic Performance:

We said before that electronic circuit schematic Simple Motor Stepper Driver like in figure 1 above is very simple electronic circuit to drive motor stepper. All of transistor D400 used to electronic switch to on and off motor stepper. 

We can run the stepper motor with give forward bias in input transistor D400. To get good rotation of motor stepper, we can adjust step-by-step all input that usually connected with microcontroller. 

How to Start using Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1 to Make a New Project

Robometricschool. - After installing electronic software Xilinx ISE design suite 12.1 in our PC or Laptop, now we can begin to use Xilinx ISE to make a new project. In here we want to share to you How to start using Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1 to Make a New Project.

Make New Project with Xilinx ISE 12.1

Firstly, we can open Xilinx ISE 12.1 program with click Xilinx icon in our PC or laptop.

Or we also can open it with click menu Start > All Programs > Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1 > ISE Design Tools > Project Navigator.

And now we can start new project with Xilinx ISE design suite 12.1 after open it. After open it we can find window like in figure 1.

Figure 1. Xilinx ISE 12.1 Windows

To start new project please follow steps like below:

  • In Project Navigator, please choose File > New Project. And it will appear “New Project Wizard” like in figure 2.
Figure 2. Xilinx "New Project Wizard" Window

  • We give sample name project with “Project1”, this is location field where the project will be appointed.

  • And then click “next” and will appear “Project Setting” like in figure 3. We can set specify device and project properties like in figure 3. We will use “SPARTAN3E” in our project. So in “Family” field we set with Automotive Spartan3E

Figure 3. Xilinx "Project Setting" Window
  • And then click “Next” and “Finish”. And we will find empty window like in figure 4. It mean we can start to design and drawing our project.
Figure 4. Xilinx Start to Design and Drawing Window

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Download Electronic Software Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1 to Design and Simulation Power Full Electronic

Robometricschool. - Maybe you have known about electronic software Xilinx and maybe you also have been using Xilinx software to design analog or digital schematic and continue with the simulation. 
Figure 1. Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1

My experience when i use Xilinx software, it is very powerful software to design, draw and make simulation electronic work. I use Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1 in my project. I use this software to design some element of microprocessor elements like register, shifter, aritmatic, logic, ALU, datapath, multiplexer, etc. my experience is very nice and very interesting when i use this software.

I will plan to share my experience make project using Xilinx in next times, but in this time i want to give you information download electronic software Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1. After you take download Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1, you can install this software easily in your computer aor laptop and you can begin to use Xilinx to make design and make simulation your project to know your project is true or false. So it is very interesting using Xilinx ISE design suite 12.1.

Please you can use link below to take download Xilinx iSE Design Suite 12.1 from original site. Hope it will helpful to you.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Advanced Bomb Disposal Robot 2013 from Pakistan

Robometricschool. – One again advanced bomb disposal robot in 2013 is robot to disposal the bomb from Pakistan. This robot is made by Sulaiman Khan the master's level students at the Institute of Physics and Electronics at the University of Peshawar, Pakistan. This robot is classified as advanced robot 2013 that can disposal the bomb effectively.

Figure 1. Advanced Bomb Disposal Robot 2013 from Pakistan
Advancedbomb disposal robot that developing by Sulaiman Khan has purposed to help people to disposal bomb. This robot will detect and analysis suspicious package with remote control.  Here is the work of this robot.

Robot will detect and analysis the suspicious package with remote control. The arm of this robot can manipulate the suspicious packet from far distance and will send the visual image to the people who controlled this robot easily.

Continuously that this robot can disposal the bomb from safety distance more than in radius 15 until 20 meters with bomb weight more than 21 kilograms. And in this robot there is wireless camera as visual. This robot not only functioned to bomb disposal only but also can secretly observe objects, perform experiments in hazardous environments and engage in acts of espionage.

So it is advanced robot discovered in this year 2013 from Pakistan. And this robot  will be developed to get more higher capacity in his works.(her)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Free Download Electronic Software AVR Studio 4.15 For AVR Microcontroller Simulation plus WINAVR

Robometricschool. – one again electronic software for AVR microcontroller is AVR Studio. AVR Studio 4 is software that made from Atmet corporation. AVR Studio 4 is classified as free software that provide from Atmel corporation. With AVR Studio 4 we can do simulation our program that usually using C, C++ language or assembly language, before we will download it to real microcontroller IC. So we will know before how are our AVR program will work.

Figure 1. AVR Studio 4

One of the reason why many microcontroller engineer move to AVR Studio than using CodeVision AVR because AVR Studio is free software that provide from Atmel corporation as maker of AVR microcontroller. There are many e-book that discussing AVR microcontroller programming that using AVR Studio 4 than using CodeVision AVR software. 

In this time we want to give you free download electronic software AVR Studio 4.15 for AVR microcontroller simulation plus WINAVR. You can take free download AVR Studio 4.15 with click link below: 

We can use C language or Assembly language to program our AVR microcontroller in AVR Studio 4.15 software. But when you want to program with C language in AVR Studio 4.15, firstly you must add your AVR Studio 4.15 with WINAVR to make AVR Studio 4.15 will recognize C language function. To take free download WinAVR software you can take free download WinAVR with click link below: 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Free Download Electronic Software Protel 99 SE to Design Electronic Schematic and PCB Layout

Robometricschool. - One of application software that very suitable to design electronic schematic and PCB layout is Protel 99 SE. You can use Protel 99 SE easily with take free download Protel 99 SE to design electronic schematic and PCB layout from Robometricschool blog.

Figure 1. Protel 99 SE illustration 

Protel 99 SE is software that used to design electronic schematic, run schematic simulation and also to design  PCB layout with size of components dimension layout. We can run Protel 99 SE in operation system Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, and also Windows 7.

Maybe you will ask why we must use Protel 99 SE? It is because in Protel 99 SE there are many easily when we use this software. One of the advantage when we use this software is there is facility that can used to make PCB layout autoroute. Although we design very difficulty circuit, we can convert into PCB layout easily with autoroute facility. So you can enjoy this software when you use it.

Note: we use external server to provide Protel 99 SE

Friday, March 22, 2013

Electronic Schematic Diagram of Switching Power Supply using LM2674

Robometricschool. - In this time we want to share with you about electronic schematic diagram of switching power supply using LM2674 that can be used as power supply schematic diagram collection when you want to make your self switching power supply.

In old edition we gave you more electronic schematic diagram of power power supply, but not any that using  switching system. So in here we want to give you power supply schematic diagram that using switching system that more efficiency when used.

We can make switching power supply using IC LM2674 from National Semiconductor factory. IC LM2674  is converter integrated circuit with changing output voltage or we can adjust output voltage from IC LM2674. So please see all schematic diagram of this switching power supply like in figure 1 below.

Schematic Diagram of Switching Power Supply using LM2674

Figure 1. Switching Power Supply using LM2674 Schematic Diagram

Component Lists:

Switching Power Supply schematic diagram above using components as follow:
  1. C2    -----------------------> 100uF/50V
  2. IC1   -----------------------> LM2674
  3. C1    -----------------------> 100nF
  4. D1    -----------------------> Schoottky
  5. L1     -----------------------> 10uH
  6. C3    -----------------------> 100uF

Circuit Performance:

Schematic diagram of switching power supply in figure 1 above using high switching frequency more than 260KHz, so this circuit using small capacitors and inductor. LM2674 using to change  of serial LM2671. To achieve high efficiency and small size of the converter. Under normal conditions, the efficiency of 90%, and in some cases, can reach even up to 96%. Both devices are protected against overcurrent and overheating.

LM2671 has a number of additional features such as soft start and the opportunity to work with an external generator. The second allows you to synchronize multiple converters, which significantly reduces the noise created by them and ensure compliance with the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

From schematic diagram of switching power supply using LM2674 will give 5 volt output voltage and 500mA output current. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Free Download Electronic Software EZ Schematic 4.0.1 to Make Electronic Schematic Diagram

Robometricschool. - Maybe you have hear about EZ Schematic electronic software application that used to make electronic schematic diagram. Yes with electronic software EZ Schematic you can make electronic schematic diagram easily.

Figure 1. EZ Schematic Application (Image: programasgratisbr)

EZ Schematic has made by industrial electrician for along time more than 20 years that now we can used to many application to make electronic circuit diagram. EZ Schematics is creating and printing professional looking electrical schematics quickly and easily. EZ Schematic Applications, established in a line chart format, providing end users with the ability to quickly and easily transform logical concepts into professionally displayed electrical schematic. 

Using EZ schematic we can use many symbols that provide like as contacts, relays, timers, motors, limit switches, pressure switches, thermal switches, flow switches, push buttons, selector switches, overloads, transformers, fuses, circuit breakers, foot switches and more.

There are several reason why EZ Schematic is better application than CAD application when used to make electronic circuit diagram as like:

  1. Ease of use. There's no other Cad program available that's easier to learn than EZ Schematics.
  2. Every electrical symbol is created in 1/2" scale increments designed to align perfectly with the default snap (also set at 1/2'), thus making precise placement of the symbols a simple procedure.
  3. Only symbols pertinent to typical U.S. electrical schematics are available (approx. 60). Thus, there's no waste of time in pouring over thousands of choices.
  4. When inserting a symbol, smart choice labeling is employed. For example, when inserting a control relay coil, "CR" is automatically attached as the standard beginning label anticipating it to be followed by "1" or "2", etc.
  5. The "Line" control (the most popular device) becomes readily available by simply double-clicking anywhere in the drawing.
  6. Labeling the wire numbers is performed easily and precisely. Just click and type at the location of choice.
In this time we want give you free download EZ Schematic 4.0.1 to make electronic circuit diagram. To take free download this electronic software you can click link below:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Free Download Electronic Software AVSIM51 to Simulate Internal Operation Microcontroller MCS51 Family

Robometricschool. - Complete your electronic software collection with AVSIM51 now. Get free download electronic software AVSIM51 to simulate internal operation microcontroller MCS51 family using SFR (Special Function Register) observation and data memory operation.

Figure 1. AVSIM51 Display

AVSIM51 utility program will help you to simulate your regulation system project with microcontroller MCS51 family as like in microcontroller 8051. You can save your source code to control the system in EPROM. Before you write assembler program to EEPROM, you can simulate code with AVSIM51 simulator to see your system behavior and it is not really need long time. If code work properly you can continue to write EPROM using EEPROM programmer. And you must edit your code again when error and  you can simulate again until no failure found.

So it is easy way to use AVSIM51 to simulate your regulation system project in microcontroller MCS51 family. You can take free download electronic software AVSIM51 to simulate internal operation microcontroller MCS51 family with click link below easily:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Free Download Electronic Software Orcad Release 9.1 and OrCad PSpace 9.2 Full Version

Robometricschool.  One again the popular software for electronic designer is OrCad. With this software we can make electronic circuit diagram and also to make PCB layout manually or auto-route. According my experience, with using OrCad we also can change some component symbols and parameters. We can redesign our self others components symbols that we want to use in our project.

Figure 1. PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout (Image:amazon)

In OrCad software we can design and draw electronic schematic diagram using OrCad Capture and when we want to make PCB layout we can use OrCad Layout. In OrCad Capture we will find many libraries of component list that provided like components of TTL, Amplifier, Arithmetic, Counter, Discrete, DRAM, Electromechanical, Filter, FPGA, Microcontroller, Transistor, Microprocessor, Gate, Latch, Op-Amp, Passive Components, etc. You can use all libraries to make electronic diagram that you want.

And when you want to make PCB layout for your electronic schematic diagram in OrCad software, you can use OrCad Layout. With OrCad Layout you can design manually or auto-route your schematic diagram. With manually design PCB layout, you can choose real component form from the libraries, and then you can connect one component one by one until your design has been finished. And one again, you can use auto-route to make automatically connection one by one to all component. So it is very nice work.

In this time we want to give you information about free download OrCad release 9.1 that you can use to design electronic schematic and PCB layout. We also give you information about free download Orcad PSpace 9.2 full version that you can make some simulation with your project easily. So please you can take free download OrCad Release 9.1 with click link below:

And you also can take free download OrCad PSpace 9.2 full version you also can click link below easily: 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Free Download Electronic Software Electronic Workbench 5.12 (EWB 5.12) Full Version

Robometricschool. - When you want to make real electronic circuit as your project, sometime we need to know how is our circuit schematic work properly before we make in real project. One software that will help you to simulate your circuit schematic project is Electronic Workbench (EWB) that very popular for people who learn electronic this day.

Figure 1. Electronic Workbench (EWB)  (Image: Catatan Kuliah)

Electronics Workbench, a software simulation and analysis of electrical circuits, software is widely used in the electronics learning especially in the analysis of electronic circuits. Electronic  Workbench is software that made from Interactive Image Technology Ltd. EWB developed in to three version as likes:
  1. Multisim is used to make the circuit layout and simulation. Multisim system supports analog, digital, and even programmable logic simulation.
  2. Ultiboard for making PCB layout.
  3. Ultiroute that can make the PCB tracks and placing components automatically making it easier for us to make the PCB.
Three software above be packet with the name Multisim and we will find all software above separate one by one. As complete your information that Multisim is a software that is easy to use. Because supported schematic capture and database components are complete then we can use multisim to simulate complex circuits. 

Some virtual instruments such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, logic analyzers, and others allow us to experiment without having to buy an instrument which is quite expensive. With a standard simulator and integration of the high software consists of a schematic editor, SPICE simulator and on-screen wave forms Electronics Workbench makes it so easy to use.

and to know how to install this software please use link below to know tutorial video:

In this time we want to give you free download Electronic Workbench 5.12 (EWB 5.12) Full Version as collection for electronic software that will help you to do your project simulation and analysis. To take free download this software please click link below:


Application Schematic Diagram and Source Code of AT89S51 for ON/OFF LED using Port Parallel

Robometricschool. - In this time we will present to you about some application of microcontroller AT89S51 for turn on and turn off LED that using port parallel. We will provide you schematic diagram and also source code using assembly programming of MCS-51 that you can use to practice your self to try this application.

Application Schematic Diagram AT89S51

Figure 1. AT89S51 for LED Application Schematic Diagram

Source Code with Assembly Programming

  • First Program for Flip-Flop Application
; FLIP-FLOP using port 2
                           ORG 0H
START:              MOV P2,#00001111B
                            CALL DELAY
                            MOV P2,#11110000B
                            CALL DELAY
                            SJMP START
DELAY:              MOV R0,#0FFH
DELAY1:            MOV R1,#0FFH
DELAY2:            DJNZ R1,DELAY2
                            DJNZ R0,DELAY1

  • Second Program for Rotate LED to the LEFT and to the RIGHT
; Rotate LED to the LEFT and to the RIGHT
                           ORG 0H
                           MOV A,#0FEH
START1:           MOV P2,A
                           CALL DELAY
                           RL A
                           CJNE A,#07FH,START1
START2:           MOV P2,A
                           CALL DELAY
                           RR A
                           CJNE A,#0FEH,START2
                           SJMP START1
DELAY:              MOV R0,#0FFH
DELAY1:            MOV R1,#0FFH
DELAY2:            DJNZ R1,DELAY2
                            DJNZ R0,DELAY1

We only give you two source codes for AT89S51 for ON/OFF LED using port parallel that you can try as your microcontroller project. You can develop the programs above for more applications. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Electronic Software Proteus 7.5 ISIS Digital Simulation full Version

Figure 1. Proteus 7.5
Continue your read and download using links below:

if link broken please use link below

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Schematic Diagram Flame Sensor UV TRON R2838 Hamamatsu for Fire Extinguisher Robot

Robometricschool. - One of important part of fire extinguisher robot is sensor that can detect fire in certain field. One of sensor that usually used in fire extinguisher robot is flame sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu product. With Flame sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu you can get quick detection of flame from distance. This sensor is compact UV sensor with high sensitivity and wide directivity, suitable for flame detectors and fire Alarms.

Figure 1. Ultraviolet Sensor from Hamamatsu (image: sheet data hamamatsu)

According Hamamatsu R2838 sheet data we know that from Hamamatsu R2868 is a UV TRON ultraviolet detector that makes use of the photoelectric effect of metal and the gas ultiplication effect. It has a narrow spectral sensitivity of 185 to 260 nm, being completely insensitive to visible light. Unlike semiconductor detectors, it does not require optical visible-cut filters, thus making it easy to use. In spite of its small size, the R2868 has wide angular sensitivity (directivity) and can reliably and quickly detect weak ultraviolet radiations emitted from flame due to use of the metal plate cathode. The R2868 is well suited for use in flame detectors and fire alarms, and also in detection of invisible discharge henomena such as corona discharge of high-voltage transmission lines. 

For more information about flame sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu, you can take free download sheet data of this sensor with click link below:

In this time we want give you schematic diagram flame sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu that you can use as reference to install this sensor in your project like when you want to use this sensor as flame detector in fire extinguisher robot that very popular this day.

Schematic Diagram of Flame Sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu

Figure 2. Schematic Diagram UV TRON R2838 (Image: Sheet Data Hamamatsu)

Method Connection of Flame Sensor UV TRON R2838 Hamamatsu

Figure 3. Method Connection (Image: Sheet Data Hamamatsu)
Figure 4. Flame Sensor UV TRON R2838 (Image: Sheet Data Hamamatsu)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Free Download E-Book Introductory Robotics by J,M. Selig Prentice Hall

Robometricschool. - One again e-book of robotic that you can use to learn about robotic this day is Introductory Robotics by J.M. Selig. Introductory Robotics book was published by Prentice Hall in 1992. With robometricschool blog you can take free download e-book Introductory Robotics by J.M.Selig. But before you take free download this e-book please write global review this book.

Figure 1. Introductory Robotics J.M. Selig

Introductory Robotics that written by J.M.Selig and published by Prentice Hall allow you to learn more about introductory of robotic. This introductory start from define of robotics, kinds of popular robotics, and also discuss about history of the robotic technology. This book also give you information about rigit transformation, robot anatomy, kinematics, inverse kinematic, trajectory following, static, force and torque, gripper, and also dynamic like newtonian mechanism and etc.

All of the discussion in this e-book contained in from the contents of Introductory Robotics. You can use this  book as reference when you want to write or teach the robotic now. You also can use this book when you learn robotic in your field education. You can get this e-book of Introductory Robotic by J.M.Selig freely from robometicschool blog with click link below. Hope this e-book will useful to you to learn robotic now.

Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Measure F-STOP in LightMeter

Robometricschool. - Do you know Lightmeter? According the name of this this device, that lightmeter meter is instrument that used to measure light. Usually lightmeter is used in camera to measure light environment and   to make good setting exposure in camera.

Figure 1. Kind of Lightmeter Shape (image:detikinet)

According Enche Tjin that active in digital photography said that there are two kinds of lightmeter these are Reflected Lightmeter and Incident Lightmeter. Here are description of two lightmeter.

Reflected Lightmeter is light measurement system contained inside the camera, and can also be activated in an external lightmeter. Lightmeter will calculate the light reflected by the subject and choose a camera exposure settings (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) to tonalnya 18% gray.

Incident Lightmeter can used to calculate the light falling on your subject. With mode incident lightmeter more accurate because it directly measures the quantity of light falling on your subject, not reflected. Type of incident lightmeter good for portrait photos with a flash, to measure the difference in light exposure of primary (main) and filler (fill).

How to use Reflected Lightmeter and Incident Lightmeter?

When you use Reflected Lightmeter in camera firstly you must active reflected lightmeter with simply press the shutter button half. In external lightmeter Sekonic, aim or point tool to midtone areas (areas that are / dark midtone brightness), and the LCD screen will indicate exposure settings, including f-stop is recommended for wear.

And when you use Incident Lighmeter you can start to use it with placing your subject and direct white dome light lightmeter facing direction and pressing the button on the lightmeter.

If the direction of the light from the side that illuminates your subject, point the dome into the lens to get the f-stop calculations are accurate. Setting the appropriate F-stop will appear on the LCD screen. 

When you know two mode of lightmeter, now you can choose good and suitable lighmeter in your photography project with select good camera too.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free Download E-Book Tutorial Xilinx ISE Software

Robotronicschool. - Maybe you have been knowing about software Xilinx that will help you to practical digital system and component. Or now you have been using Xilinx software in your computer to practical digital design system.

Figure 1. Xilinx ISE Software Icon

In my experience using software Xilinx, we will allowed to design schematic diagram of digital system. With this software we also can design microcontroller system and also can take simulation easily. In Xilinx software we can draw schematic diagram of digital system, because this software provide us with many digital component that we can connected one by one.

To know more about Xilinx software, firstly you can install Xilinx ISE software in your computer. I'm sorry can't give you free download Xilinx software to you because this software to much need space disk more than 2.8 GB so i have difficulty to upload this software. Maybe in other time i only can recommended you how to get free download Xilinx software.

In here i want to give you free download e-book tutorial Xilinx ISE software, that will guide you how to use Xilinx software to design schematic project and then take simulation your project.

E-book Tutorial Xilinx ISE Software content of several information that will allow you to use Xilinx software easily. The content of this e-book tutorial devided in to 7 chapters as follow:
  1. Overview of Xilinx ISE Software
  2. HDL-Based Design
  3. Schematic Based Design
  4. Behavioral Simulation
  5. Design Implemantation
  6. Timing Simulation
  7. iMPACT Tutorial
To take Free Download E-Book Tutorial Xilinx ISE Software, you can click link below:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Download E-Book Guidance RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League Rules and Setup 2012 - 2013

Robometricschool. - Do you like with robot soccer competition in this year 2013? In here robometricschool blog will give you information recent e-book guidance for RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League Rules and Setup that you can download from this blog.
Figure 1. RoboCup Soccer Logo

This e-book guidance of robocup soccer humanoid league rules and setup depending into two version, these are Indonesian and English version. The Indonesian version using Indonesian version with the title 'Kontes Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia (KRSBI) 2013 RoboSoccer Humanoid League Kids Size'. This E-Book guidance special for you that living in Indonesia who want to follow this competition on robot soccer competition 2013.

Other version from e-book guidance is English version with the title 'RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League Rules and Setup for The 2012 Competition in Mexico City'. This e-book guidance is used as reference for international robot cup soccer competition league.

Now please you can download this e-book guidance of RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League Rules and Setup freely with click link below:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Make Programmable Line Follower Robot Based Microcontroller Atmega8535

Robometricschool. - Let we make programmable line follower robot based microcontroller Atmega8535 now. In here you will get more information how to make programmable line follower robot based microcontroller Atmega8535 likes know proximity sensor circuit diagram, microcontroller Atmega8535 circuit diagram, and also driver DC motor circuit diagram. In here we also give you source code Atmega8535 program that made from CodeVision AVR.

Part 1

In the part 1, we will show you all of schematic diagram of programmable line follower robot based microcontroller Atmega8535.
  • Proximity Sensor (Line Sensor)
Programmable line follower robot designed to follow black line on the floor, so we need sensor that can do it. In here we use proximity sensor or line sensor to do this work. Proximity sensor work to detect a black line with using LED and Photo-diodes component that will detect light or not light changing like in figure 1 below:

Figure 1. Work Principle of Proximity Sensor

We can make our self proximity sensor easily with follow proximity  sensor schematic diagram like in figure 2 below:

Figure 2. Proximity Sensor Schematic Diagram

  • Data Processing Microcontroller Atmega8535
To process data from sensor and also give command to driver DC motor circuit, we use microcontroller Atmega8535 to do this work. To know the schematic diagram of microcontroller  Atmega8535 as base in line follower robot, please see figure 3 below:

Figure 3. Data Processing Atmega8535 Schematic Diagram

  • Driver DC Motor using L298
To make line follower robot can rotate the dc motor, we need driver dc motor. In this design we use L298 as main component in driver dc motor. We not design driver motor dc using transistor component but using Integrated Circuit (IC) L298. Here is schematic diagram of driver DC motor using L298 like in figure 4 below:

Figure 4. Driver DC Motor using L298 Schematic Diagram

Part 2

In part 2, we will show you source code of programmable line follower robot based microcontroller Atmega8535. This is software part that you can make this program using CodeVision AVR software that you also can download freely from this blog. 

We must need source code program to make our line follower robot can "think" good to work follow the black line on the floor. Here is source code program for line follower robot that we are designed.

#include <mega8535.h> 
unsigned char sensor; 
void main(void) 
{ while (1) 
case 0b00000001: PORTC=0b00000001; break; // to the right
case 0b00000010: PORTC=0b00000100; break; // to the left
case 0b00000011: PORTC=0b00000101; break; // straight 
case 0b00000000: break;

Part 3

In part 3, we will show you mechanical design for programmable line follower robot based Atmega8535. And than we can test our line follower robot that we make. Figure 5 show mechanical design for line follower robot that we designed.

Figure 5. Mechanical Part of Line Follower Robot

After we are installing all part of line follower robot, now we can test it using a black line like in figure 6 below:

Figure 6. Line Follower Robot Track Line Test

Figure 7. Line Follower Robot Based Atmega8535

Hendawan Soebhakti 
Lecturer of Teknik Elektronika Politeknik Negeri Batam
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