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Symmetric Power Supply +15V, 0, -15V Electronic Schematic Circuit

Robometricschool. - Still with section power supply, before we have been sharing with you more about schematic of asymmetric power supply that you can use to supply your asymmetric electronic devices.

Before we discuss about symmetric power supply, firstly we want to give you know about differences without asymmetric and symmetric power supply to make you more understand and not again confuse with this terms. And the next you can implement this terms in electronic fields as well.

Asymmetric power supply is power supply that designed with single polarity output like positive polarity for examples: +12V, +15V, +18V, etc or also like negative polarity for examples: -12V, -15V, -18V, etc. Usually asymmetric power supply has two pins output these are positive or negative outputs and ground.

And Symmetric power supply is power supply that designed with double polarities output negative and positive that has same values. For example there are power supply with output +5V, 0, -5V. From the example we know that symmetric power supply has output voltages these are +5V, -5V, and also ground (0). In design symmetric power supply has center tab (CT) as ground level.

In this moment we will give you one of the design symmetric power supply +15V, 0, -15V electronic circuit that you can use to supply your symmetric electronic devices like OCL power amplifier. You can see the schematic electronic of this power supply in figure 1 below.

Schematic of Symmetric Power Supply +15, 0, -15V

Figure 1. Schematic of Symmetric Power Supply +15, 0, -15V

Components list

To know more component list of Symmetric Power Supply +15, 0, -15V, you can see from the figure 1 above.
From the schematic, you must need IC1 7815 and IC2 7915 to get symmetric voltage +15V and -15V. In here you also can change IC1 and IC2 with other value to get different output voltage from this electronic schematic circuit.  

Circuit Performance   

From the figure 1, that show us about Schematic of Symmetric Power Supply +15, 0, -15V, we can divide three parts that we can describe all the performances. The three parts are transformer, rectifier, and regulator. Here are functions of all parts:

  1. Step-Down section, this section serves to lower the voltage of AC 220 volt to 18 volt AC voltage. The components used are step-down transformers 1 A with output voltages of 18 volts with CT.
  2. Rectifier section, this section serves to rectify the AC voltage 18 volt DC voltage becoming + 18 volts and -18 volts. The components that are used as a rectifier is a series of 4 pieces of 1N4001 diode bridge strung and 2 electrolytic capacitor (elco) 2200uF/35V. 
  3. Regulator section, this section serves to determine the power supply output voltage is symmetrical to have + 15 volts DC and -15 volts DC stable. The components that are used as a voltage regulator is + 15 volt DC voltage regulator IC LM7815 and - 15 volts DC using LM7915 regulator IC type.

As added from Schematic of Symmetric Power Supply +15, 0, -15V above you can use it to supply symmetric parametric Equalizer and others. 



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