Saturday, February 16, 2013

Minirobot VelociRoACH that can Running Fastest plus Video

Robometricschool. - When we tell about robot technology, so robot technology has developed with very faster. One again robot technology that developed is minirobot VelociRoaACH that can running fastest in the world. 

Figure 1. Minirobot  VelociRoACH that can Running Fastest

Minirobot VelociRoaACH is mini robot that designed like cockroach that can run very fast from one place to other place. This robot designed like cockroach because insect is a perfect miniature for a legged robot. Its speed is capable to 2.7 meters per second, making this robot as one of the fastest for its size robot. Even compared to native cockroaches, robots also have the ability to run faster.

Although before has developed also robot like cockroach that named Roachbot, but this robot has ability to run very fast. Maybe we will say why Minirobot VelociRoaACH can run very fast? The key to the speed of the robot is located on a six-foot-shaped like the letter C which is capable of rotating rapidly. Even the robot leg is able to stomp his feet to the ground 15 times per second.

Beside can run very fast, VelociRoaACH robot also can keep stability. Foot robot programmed until there are three legs to the ground at the same track. Moreover, if the robot has a barrier in front of it, the robot will use his head to get rid of these barriers. Although this robot light more than 30 grams, but this robot can bring weight load more than 120 gram. So this robot very interesting for their technology. 

To know more action Minirobot VelociRoACH that can Running Fastest, you can watch the video of this robot. Please click link video below:


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