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How to Repair Itself LG Monitor W1643S Easily

Robometricschool. - In this time i want to share with you about How to Repair Itself LG Monitor W1643S Easily. In here i want give you knowledge my experience when i repair my LG monitor W1643S because suffered damage from the input that receive image signal from PC has shorted by voltage, so it can receive input signals from the PC.
Figure 1. LG Monitor W1643S with Size 15.6 inch

Although my LG monitor still work but it can not receive input signal from VGA card in my PC. So i can't again use it to monitored my PC. When i checked it, my LG monitor error in input that connected to VGA card like burned. I sure that my LG monitor input is error because short in voltage when i try connected output VGA card with several pin in this card. I try it because my VGA card also error can not display image perfectly, can not display RGB picture in monitor.

When i checked my LG monitor to customer service, PWB or main board in LG monitor must replaced to make my LG monitor is perfectly again when used. And then i buy this PWB main board for LG monitor W1643S and  i try to replace it my self at home. My experience it it not difficult to replace PWB main boar on LG monitor W1643S. And in here i want to share with you how to replace PWB main board LG monitor W1643S easily step by step and it is part all repair for my LG monitor.  

Prepare Steps

You can prepare several tools and material that used to repair and replace PWB main board in LG monitor W1643S as likes:
  1. Soldering iron
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Tin Solder
  4. Cleaning Brush
  5. Pliers
  6. etc
For more detail you can see figure 2 that show you tools and materials that used to repair.

Figure 2. Tools and Materials to Repair

Step by Step Replace PWB main board LG Monitor W1643S
  • Open the case of LG Monitor that made from plastic carefully. See figure 3 below.
Figure 3. Step 1 is Open the case LG monitor
  • After opened front case, you can separate this part with LCD monitor. See Figure 4 below.
Figure 4. Step 2. Separate LCD monitor and front case
  • The next step is separate LCD screen with rear case of LG  monitor like in figure 5 below.
Figure 5. Step 3: Separate LCD screen with rear case 
  • Open the PWB main board casing from LCD screen carefully like in figure 6 below.
Figure 6. Step 4: Open the Case PWB main from LCD screen
  • Release all cable that connected to PWB main board to LCD screen to separate it, see figure 7, 8, and 9 below. Note you must remember this connected.
Figure 7. Step 5: Open all connected cable part 1
Figure 8. Step 5: Open all connected cable part 2
Figure 9. Step 5: Open all connected cable part 3

  • Open the screw that connected the connector with casing PWB main board using pliers that provide before. See figure 10 below.
Figure 10. Step 6: Open screen on connector

  • Release PWB main board from the casing, when any grounded that connected you can use soldering to release it. See figure 11 bellow.
Figure 11. Step 7: Release PWB main board from casing

  • Replace your PCB main board that error with new PWB main board carefully, and please connected again data cable to this new main board. See figure 12,13, and 14 below.
Figure 12. Step 8: Replace error main board with new main board
Figure 13. PWB main board that Repleaced
Figure 14. Step 7: Connected other cable after data cable
  • Prepare to solder the main board with casing after data cable connected, you must sure that data cable and other cable connected before you solder it. please see figure 15 and 16 below.
Figure 15. PWB main board ready to solder
Figure 16. Step 9: Solder grounding with main board casing

  • The last step are connected all cable like before and open the casing LG monitor like before also, before do it please clean your case using cleaning burst like figure 17 below.
Figure 17. Step 5: Clean the casing using cleaning burst

I hope after you follow step by step about how to repair LG monitor W1643S and replace the main board you can do it your self when you have some trouble with your monitor. (her)  


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