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Electronic Schematic 20A Regulated Power Supply 13.8 Volt

Robometricschool. - For you who want to use high current power supply with up to 20 ampere, may be you can try the circuit below to make 20A regulated power supply with 13.8 volt. This circuit schematic used many transistor 2N3005 that parallel  to take high gain currents for this power supply. For more you can see in figure 1 below.

Circuit Schematic 20A Regulated Power Supply

Figure 1. 20A Regulated Power Supply with 13.8 Volt
(source: murata multi teknik)

Component Lists

To know more component list of 20A regulated power supply 13.8 volt you can see the component directly from the schematic in figure 1 above. To get bigger image you can double click the image please. 

According the schematic in figure 1 above, we can list that the main components are:
  1. Transformer with 35 ampere (rewound microwave transformer 240 VAC to 18 VAC)
  2. Bridge diodes 35 ampere.
  3. Capacitor 47.000uF
  4. Transistor 2N3055 and 2N2955

Schematic Performance

Like the performance in commonly power supply, the 20A regulated power supply with 13.8 volt also has performance like other power supply. In here differences are placed in many transistor 2N3055 that connected as parallel circuit to produce 20A output currents. It calculated that one of the transistor 2N3055 can produce 4A, so with 5 transistors we can produce 20A in output this schematic. In here if you want to develop this schematic to get more 20A currents, you can do it with many again transistor 2N3055 parallel.

  • use heat sink to avoid transistor 2N3055 from heat and also you can add computer fan to reduce the heat.
  • Careful to make circuit, don't until wrong when connected all pin transistor one to others.


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