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Electronic Circuit Schematic Variable Power Supply 0 - 15 Volt, 1 Ampere

Robometricschool. - One of the most vital devices in electronic is power supply. With power supply electronic devices will can work properly. Power supply can used to fixed and variable to supply voltage for our electronic circuit. For electronic devices that need fixed voltage, we can use fix voltage power supply. But if we need power supply for experiment with several voltage that variable, so we need variable power supply that can adjust according voltage that used.

In edition about electronic circuit, we will give you electronic circuit schematic variable power supply 0 - 15 volt with 1 ampere. When you implement this circuit, you can provide voltage that can adjust from 0 volt until 15 volt with current 1 ampere in output. Please see electronic circuit of variable power supply 0 - 15 volt, 1 ampere in figure 1 bellow:

Electronic Schematic Power Supply

Figure 1. Schematic Variable Power Supply 0 - 15 Volt, 1 Ampere

Components list:

  1. R1 = 56ohm 2W
  2. Q1 = 2N3055
  3. R2 = 330ohm pot.
  4. T1 =220V@18V 1.5A
  5. C1 = 2200uF 35V
  6. C2 = 100uF 35V
  7. C3 = 10uF 25V
  8. C4 = 220uF 25V
  9. C5 = 100nF 100V
  10. D1 (Zener Dioda) = 18V 1.5W
  11. GR1 (dioda) = 4 X 1N4007

Performance of schematic

You can find all components that used to make variable power supply 0 - 15 volt, 1 ampere easily in electronic component market. To know more performance of this electronic schematic of this power supply please follow our description bellow:
  1. Transformer T1 is step down transformer that used to transform 220 VAC to 18 VAC, this transformer not use CT but only 0 - 18 volt. 
  2. Bridge diode is used to convert AC voltage to DC voltage, in here bridge diodes use 4 diode.
  3. Capacitor C1 is electrolyte capacitor (Elco) that used to reduce ripple in DC voltage from bridge diodes.
  4. To make stability voltage that can adjust, used zener diode that will stability out voltage max 18 volt, we can adjust this voltage using variable resistor R2.
  5. Transistor Q1 2N3055 is used to make out voltage stable with max 15 volt and 1 Ampere current. 
  6. C4 and C5 to make output stable with max 15 voltage direct current.


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