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Electronic Circuit Schematic Bridge DC Motor Driver using TIP2955 and TIP3055

Robometricschool. - One again DC Motor Driver that you can use to driver your DC motor is Bridge DC motor driver using TIP2955 and TIP3055. With this electronic circuit schematic, you can use it for DC motor with more than 2A according characteristic of TIP2955 and TIP3055. This schematic suitable for DC motor that use to wind screen wiper or called wiper motor and also motor for window or called window dc motor.

Electronic Schematic

Figure 1. Bridge DC Motor Driver using TIP2955 and TIP3055 Schematic

Electronic Components

Main component in schematic bridge DC motor Driver above is TIP2955 and TIP3055 as PNP and NPN transistors that used to drive DC motor. Other component is TIP31 as NPN transistor and A733 as PNP transistor. For more components and value you can see in figure 1 above.

Schematic Performance

From schematic bridge DC motor driver like in figure 1, we can describe performance that this schematic will active with low logic. Transistors Q7,Q8 is PNP transistors that will active as close switch when get 0 logic bases pin. When Q7 or Q8 active it will drive or give forward bias in bases Q5 or Q6 TIP31 as NPN transistor that will active as closed switch and will drive bridge transistors combination TIP2955 and TIP3055.

In this condition bridge transistors must work alternately between Q1,Q4 and Q2,Q3. When transistor TIP31 Q5 active it will drive Q1 and Q4 TIP2955 and TIP3055 will active as closed switch that will make DC motor rotate clock wise.

When transistor TIP31 Q6 active it will drive Q2 and Q3 TIP2955 and TIP3055 will active as closed switch that will make DC motor rotate anti clock wise. 

DC motor will not rotate when we give high logic in input (1 logic). And as note you don't give all input 0 logic because it will make bridge transistors TIP2955 and TIP3055 will broken and also can on fire. (her)


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