Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass the Dancer Robot Show in CES 2013

Figure 1. Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass action in CES 2013
Robometricschool. - When you visit in technology exhibition Customer Electronic Show CES 2013 that held in Las Vegas United Stated, you will find many smart and modern technology displayed for all visitor. Not only smart technology product that you can find in this exhibition but also unique product that you will enjoy in CES 2013. 

There are also many unique gadget that will enjoy in CES 2013, like mini computer, cat ears, toilet seat, dancer robot, etc. You can enjoy this gadget with visit to show room for this gadget.

One of the unique gadget that displayed to visitor of CES 2013 dancer robot Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass from Tosy Robotic Vietnam. As robotic toys firm, Tosy Robotic display dancer robot for their visitor in CES 2013. Do you know what is Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass performance?

Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass is dancer robot that can dancing follow music and equipped with built-in speaker. Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass is real portable speaker that having 2GB of internal storage that can store about 500 songs. 

When the music is played, robot can follow the rhythm and dance with the head, hands and legs could move. In moment celebrating CES 2012, Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass action even before the singer teen idol, Justin Bieber. Maybe Bieber was asked to introduce the mRobo at CES by vendor manufacturer, Tosy Robotic from Vietnam.

To know the action of Tosy mRobot Ultra Bass when this robot do dancing in CES 2013, you can watch this link video bellow:


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