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How to Replace Projector Lamp Easily with High Endurance

Robometricschool. - In the first edition about How to part, Robometricschool blog will show you about How to Replace Projector Lamp Easily with High Endurance. So, let's we continue our lesson to learn replace our projector lamp our self, make us like professional worker.

As we know that project lamp having short age. When we can not service to replace the lamp, we must go to service center to replace projector lamp. It will not happen if we can do it our self.
Usually, some projector having counter that show us about lamp operation. Information of maximal hour operation lamp will reached be displayed after projector is turn on. In this condition we must think about replacing projector lamp. If we can not do it our self we must go to service center this projector to replace the projector lamp. 

When we use service center to replace our projector lamp, it is not free from fee, but any cash to do it. You must buy the projector lamp and also pay this service to replace the projector lamp. So, you must know how to replace projector lamp our self to minimize your cash. If you can replace projector lamp your self, you only need money to buy the projector lamp. 

In here we will give you several step that you can follow to practice How to Replace Projector Lamp Easily with High Endurance. Here are the steps:

  • The first step, you must release the lamp cover.  Make sure that not any electricity in this step, you can alienate the electricity cable. Find the lamp cover and release the screws in order to you can release the lamp cover. See figure 1.
Figure 1. Step 1
  • Release the old lamp and replace with new lamp. Please attention your new lamp, make sure that the contact of the lamp is same with contact old lamp. See figure 2.
Figure 2. Step2
  • Install the new lamp. Please install your new lamp carefully. Make sure the connector is same with connector in old lamp module. See figure 3.
Figure 3. Step3
  • Re install the lamp cover. When you do this step, it means you finish the job to replace your projector lamp. The next steps is to make your lamp projector having high endurance. See figure 4.
Figure 4. Step4
  • Eliminate fan grille cover. In order to you can use your projector lamp more long time, you can clean the dust. You can do it with release all fan cover and air ways. See figure 5.
Figure 5. Step5
  • Eliminate dust from filter, casing, and air ways. Suck up the dust with vacuum cleaner. Do it to clean the dust from your projector. Make sure your projector free from dust. See figure 6.
Figure 6. Step 6
  • Clean the filter that installed. You still can use your old filter with clean in. But if you want it new, you can replace it with new filter. See figure 7.
Figure 7. Step 7
  • The last step is eliminate dust from lens system. After fan grille cover and air ways that cleaning and reinstall again, please clean the lens with soft brush until it's clean. See figure 8.
Figure 8. Step 8

And now you can use again your projector with new lamp with replacing your self. We hope this tips How to Replace Projector Lamp Easily with High Endurance will help you. (Her)

Reference: CHIP Magazine Edition December 2012


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