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How to Make Their Own Solar Charger for Mobile Phone Easily

Robometricschool. - As we know that many people make communication using mobile phone outdoor. They use mobile phone to communication when they are cycling, driving car, climbing, etc. This situation people can not find electricity to charge their mobile phone when the mobile phone's battery is low or empty. So it will make user confuse how to make communication again using their mobile phone. One of the solution is prepare other fully battery to replace old battery that empty from electricity. But it is not good solution because they must release the case of mobile phone and it can make some problems.

From this situation, we think about good solution when we find condition our mobile phone battery is empty and we are far from electricity. Good thinking for this solution is use solar force to provide electricity for our mobile phone's battery. Yes, we can use solar charger for this solution. Although there are many solar charger that sold in the market with reached prize, we can make solar charger our self and it will make our cost for this problem are cheaper.

In here, we will give your step-by-step that you can follow to practice about How to Make their Own Solar Charger for Mobile Phone Easily. Please follow the steps bellow:
  • Prepare step. You can prepare material and tools that used to do this work. Some material that used like: Schottky Diode, Solar panel, Mobile Phone, tin solder. Some tools that used like: Cutter, Soldering iron, hot glue gun, rubber cover, etc. See figure 1.
Figure 1. Step 1
  • Cutting the Cable. Easy way to connect our mobile phone with solar panel is using original charger cable from our mobile phone. But if you want to fully from electrical outlet, you can use modular system with using port and power plug. And the you not need again electricity only need the solar. See figure 2.
Figure 2. Step2
  • Make diode short size. You can make short size from electrode of diode, because diode usually have long electrode, so you can make electrode shortly. See figure 3.
Figure 3. Step3
  • Soldering cable and Diode. Please soldering the diode and cable to the solar panel. Diode in positive pole and other cable in negative pole. See figure 4.
Figure 4. Step 4
  • Attaching the cable. Using hot glue gun, please attaching the cable to the solar panel to make strong connection. See figure 5.
Figure 5. Step 5
  • Test the function. When we connected solar panel with our mobile phone, the charging process is begin. When the solar panel get sunshine it will make our mobile phone charging. The battery in mobile phone will fully and you can test it with multimeter. See figure 6.
Figure 6. Step 6
  • Attaching the rubber cover. To make our solar panel is saved, you can close it with rubber cover. Attaching the rubber cover with hot glue. See figure 7.
Figure 7. Step 7
  • Ready to use. Rubber cover can make our tin soldering in solar panel in charger from damage effectively in outdoor are. See figure 8.
Figure 8. Step 8
  1. To make good result you can more than 1 solar panel. With many solar panel arranged it will make high voltage. When 1 solar panel can produce 81 mA, with 6 panels solar when arrange parallel will produce 480 mA. 
  2. You can buy solar panel with 81 mA with click this link
Hope this posting about  How to Make Their Own Solar Charger for Mobile Phone Easily will help you to solve your problem, specially when you want to make solar charger your self. (Her).

Reference: CHIP Magazine edition January 2013


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