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Electronic Circuit Schematic Unprogrammable Line Follower Robot using LM324 and TTL 7400

Robometricschool. In this time i will discuss about Line Follower Robot and give you electronic circuit schematic unprogrammable line follower robot using IC LM324 and IC TTL 7400 that you can realize into real line follower robot.

As we know that line follower robot is robot that can move follow the line properly. Can follow line that colored black or colored white according setting of sensor and system robot. Also when we tell about Line Follower Robot, so we can describe into two kinds of line follower robot as like Unprogrammable Line Follower Robot and Programmable Line Follower Robot. 

Unprogrammable Line Follower Robot is line follower robot that design without program like microcontroller program, etc. In real this robot only using sensor system, signal conditioning, digital IC, and driver motor dc. Although simple this robot can follow line as we want before.

It different with unprogrammable line follower robot, programmable line follower robot is designed using special program as like from microcontroller program. So in programmable robot need knowledge to program this robot. Usually we need microcontroller to make program this robot. Maybe in the next time we want to discuss more about this robot.

Back to unprogrammable line follower robot as our topic in this time, we want give you special electronic circuit schematic of this robot that you can use to make line follower without program.  You can see figure 1. bellow as the schematic unprogrammable line follower robot. 

Figure 1. Unprogrammable Line Follower Robot Schematic
(drawing by heru using Orcad software)
From figure 1. above, it show us simple circuit schematic line follower robot without programming that using IC LM324 as sensor signal conditioning and IC TTL 7400 as logic IC that control driver dc motor according signal from sensor.

We said that it simple circuit schematic because consist of few components that easily to get it.  From this circuit, we need LED IR (Light Emitting Diode Infra Red) and Photo Diode to make two line sensor that used in this robot. We also need IC LM324 that consist of several op-amp that used to make sensor signal conditioning that open logic 1 or 0 according sensor detecting. 

Logical 1 or 0 from sensor signal conditioning LM324 is used as input logical signal into TTL 7400 as AND logical. As we know that all input are 1, so it will make TTL 7400 will 1 logic (active). And if all and one of input logically 0 so it will make output TTL 7400 logically 0 (non-active).  

All signal from TTL 7400 will be used to drive the driver motor DC. In this unprogrammable line follower robot schematic use one direction driver DC motor, so we can not make DC motor rotate clock-wise and anti-clock-wise. It will only rotate clock-wise.

Driver DC motor will active to rotate dc motor when get logical 1 and will not active when get logical 0. You only need two transistor D400 and TIP31 to make one direction driver DC motor like in figure 1 above. With simple connection driver dc motor can operate to rotate dc motor properly. 

So, one again you can use electronic circuit schematic unprogrammable line follower robot like in figure 1 to make your own project make line follower robot in first time before you make smart line follower robot that use special microcontroller program. (her)


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