Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Electronic Circuit Schematic Dimmer LED using LM555 for Photo/Build Light

Robometricschool. - One again electronic circuit schematic that can use to practice to make light is Dimmer LED using LM555 for Build / Photo light. It is simple schematic that you can practice easily to make your own build / photo light.

Figure 1. Schematic Dimmer LED using LM555
(source: rcexplorer)

Maybe you ever use LM555 as timer project before, yes it also nice if you want to make analog timer using LM555. According datasheet LM555 this IC can use for several purpose in electronic project like to adjust timer according time needed.

Figure 2. Blog Diagram LM555
From figure 1 above, we can describe that we can adjust dimmer LED with adjust P1 50K that connected with C1 to make delay time. Output of schematic above is pin number 3 as clock signal as input for NPN transistor. NPN transistor will work like switch that controlled from output signal from pin number 3 LM555. 

You can use all series of NPN transistor like D400, TIP31, etc according the power that you want to turn on and turn off the LED strings. With high power you can make more arrange LED strings more than 9 LED strings. 

You can practice Dimmer LED using LM555 above in small drilling PCB or hole PCB to connected one component to other component. 


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