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The Difference Between Malware, Trojan, Virus, Worm, and Spyware

Figure 1. Malware, Trojan, Virus, Worm, and Spyware (Illustration)

 In the first post ROBOMETRICSCHOOL will show you knowledge term of security antivirus about the difference between malware, trojan, virus, worm, and spyware. Shall you know the difference about this terms? If you don't know yet please follow description bellow.

Someone, sometimes still false to use the terms of malware, trojan, virus, worm, and spyware. So before you know more about security antivirus in your PC or other gadget you can use the term correctly. 


Malware stand from Malicious software. Malware is software created for malicious purposes.  Basically, malware is software / computer program, which distinguishes malware software is a goal and an adverse action such as changing the victim computer (removing, stealing or hiding) data, consume bandwidth or other resources without the permission of the owner of a computer or other adverse action.

There are many malware created in internet to disturb internet user. so you must beware with malware attack. Many ways to insert to your software program.


Just like the movie Troy, Trojan is a Trojan horse that will pretend to be useful both crack programs, games or other programs that secretly you install itself on the system and carry out spying activities such as stealing data, keystroke recording and send to the address specified by the manufacturer. 


Malware to infect computers that need assistance / intervention of a third party (usually a man's) to run itself and can not be run automatically infect your computer. So that people would run itself, falsifying virus itself as well as the program. Doc,. Jpg or folder when clicked will run the virus.In many cases, in order to further convince people to click on her, viruses falsify itself (icon, extension) as pornographic images, file crack or anything else that will attract people to click. 


The next term in security antivirus is worm. The worm is on your computer / network, it will automatically spread itself to other computers without the help or even without being prevented by the owners of the other computers in the network. Malware that can automatically infect a computer without the aid of a third party. 

Surely there's a question, if the worm can spread itself automatically, then why not make a worm all, why even create viruses that need help to activate him. The answer: origami is ... oops, wrong. 

So that the worm can automatically infect your computer it must exploit security holes (vulnerabilities) software (can be Windows, Office, Adobe Acrobat or any software that is generally popular target). 

So if the security hole exploited / used by the worm to spread itself automatically already patched (patch) then the worm becomes memble and do not have the ability to infect the system again. So in terpatch system, the virus infects the system even easier than the worm.


The last term is spyware. Like the movie 007, spyware is a program to spy on the victim computer. At first the spyware is created to spy on computer users profile and one of its utilization is showing adware (advertising software viewer / ad) in accordance with the profile / interests of computer users where each time the ad appears on the computer which will provide direct financial benefits for manufacturers of these adware ( pay per click).

With now the difference between malware, trojan, virus, worm, and spyware, you will not false again to use this terms. you can use this term in true field. 

I hope this security antivirus knowledge will helpful to you to add your ability know more term in computer or security science.


  1. sometimes, the warning from antivirus can't be understand. So, this info make clear


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