Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Software Microsoft Office 2013 has Launched to Use

Figure 1. Microsoft Office 2013

Robometricschool. - Almost simultaneously, the world's largest software company Microsoft officially launched two new software in 2012. First Windows 8 operating system software replacement for OS windows 7 and the second is their latest Office software application called Microsoft Office 2013. The launch of two new software would have a very long-awaited presence for lovers of Microsoft's products. 

The launch of the latest Office Applications Microsoft Office 2013 have been delivered directly by Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer yes it is a special event in the U.S. (07/16/2012). Office 2013 is expected to further complement the existing features in Office 2010 before. Most analysts and experts expect Office 2013 will go on sale early next year, a few months after the launch of Windows 8 and its derivatives, Windows RT, which is oriented to the tablet. Microsoft invites developers and testers to technical preview of the new package in January. 

Overview of Office 2013 is an Office application types overhauled, with the ability to utilize cloud computing (cloud computing) and is designed for use with Windows 8. Office 2013 is designed friendly for use in tablet devices and other touch screen devices. However, Office 2013 still comfortably operated with a mouse and keyboard. 

Document files saved in Office 2013 will be Microsoft's cloud service, SkyDrive, which is available free. However, users are still able to save the document on your computer, When the previous version of Office documents store the file on the local computer, Office 2013 by default uses cloud storage as a "hard disk" it. 

In addition to a complete overhaul of the above, the Microsoft Office 2013 in add a few applications that will add to the greatness of Office 2013. Here are several applications in MS Office 2013 Professional Plus RTM:
  • Microsoft Access 
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft InfoPath
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft SkyDrive Pro
  • Microsoft Visio Viewer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Office Shared Features
Looks like Office 2013 users to be patient first because for the price of Office 2013 that original application has been no officially announced by Microsoft. Microsoft has not provided any information about the price of Office 2013, the date of the sale, or the number of editions that will be sold or its contents. The possibility that information will be revealed today when Microsoft released version beta proven. 

If Microsoft follows the pattern for Office 2010, which went on sale June 5, 2010, the package of Office 2013 will ship 28 weeks after uncovering a beta version.If the beta version appears today, Office 2013 will be available on January 21 to 25, 2013.

So, please be patient to enjoy original version Microsoft Office 2013 in this moment, Maybe in the next year 2013 you can full enjoy MS Office 2013.


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