Friday, December 21, 2012

Katsura Beicho Robot the Android Robot from Japan

Figure 1. Katsura Beicho Robot and Real Katsura Beicho
Robometricschool. - Recent robotic technology came from Osaka, Japan. Robotic technology seems to be identical with the country of Japan. There may be some truth to the Japanese icon of robotic technology development, as many developing robotic technology from Japanese State. As new robot created by experts from the Japanese professor Hiroshi Ishiguro makes robots similar to humans, known as the latest android robot.

This latest android robot like a grandfather. Robot latest android is a robot made ​​Osaka University, which is almost like a human.

There is a distinct impression why the latest android robot from Japan was formed in view grandfathers. For the author, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro had the idea to make the android that can display Japanese culture. Working closely with various parties, including the make-up artist, Hiroshi made ​​a replica of a famous Japanese comedian named Katsura Beicho.

People who are well known as a storyteller comedy or in Japanese it is called Rakugo Arts. Because the high-finesse Beicho rakugo nothing can replace, as well as who has reached the age of 86 years, the art is to be preserved by Professor Hiroshi.

Robot android formed to view this grandfather has spent about 80 million yen. At the time of its release, this android Beicho be placed with its original character, Katsura Beicho.

Of course it was a special experience for Beicho when he can see a replica of herself. And of course very interesting. 


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