Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Electronic Software Download PCB Wizard Easily to Make Electronic Circuit and PCB Layout

Figure 1. Electronic Software PCB Wizard
Robometricschool. - One again electronic software that can to use make electronic circuit or schematic and to make PCB design layout is PCB Wizard. Using PCB Wizard you can make electronic circuit schematic and PCB layout very easily. Also you can auto-route your electronic circuit schematic to the PCB layout automatically. It is very interesting. From robometricschool blog you can take free download PCB wizard software freely.

When you install PCB Wizard easily, you will get two application of PCB Wizard these is PCB Wizard and Livewire. PCB Wizard application used to design PCB Layout easily and Livewire used to design or drawing electronic circuit schematic easily. But if you use PCB Wizard application, you also can use it to design electronic circuit schematic easily with change PCB Component Gallery to  Circuit Component Gallery as feature of PCB Wizard.

With feature Auto-route in PCB Wizard you can change your electronic circuit schematic to PCB layout automatically. But, if you want not to make PCB layout automatically you also can design PCB layout manually. 

To easy using PCB Wizard and Livewire application you will be helped with tutorial about how to use PCB Wizard and Livewire application. You only open menu help and open tutorial in PCB Wizard or in Livewire application. Using tutorial, you will get guidance how to begin design electronic circuit schematic and how to design PCB layout manually or automatically. You can see figure 2 and figure 3 to see more first tutorial in PCB Wizard and Livewire.

Figure 2. PCB Wizard Tutorial

Figure 3. Liveware Tutorial

I think you only need few time to install PCB Wizard in your computer or Laptop after you take free download PCB Wizard. Fore more you can follow instruction bellow:
  1. After you  download PCB Wizard, please open rar file using password: robometricschool if it is need password.
  2. Open folder temping by click it several click, and then you will find livewire y pcb wizard.exe file for application. please install file with double click this file.
  3. Follow step-by-step installing process until finish.
  4. After finish you can find two shortcut in your computer or laptop.
  5. PCB Wizard and Livewire application ready to use.


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