Monday, December 17, 2012

Careful with the Dangerous Cracks on Samsung Gadgets Based on Android System

Figure 1. Beware with Dangerous Crack in Samsung Gadget  (Illustration)

Robometricschool.- Don't forget to always careful with your Samsung gadget that based on Android system, because there are dangerous cracks on it. Many interesting application in this system that consist of secret code that can put several data from this device. so beware.

Along with the popularity of the Android operating system from Google, it is also increasingly competing hackers to attack this android system. Great variety of applications is displayed that turned out to contain a series of secret codes to retrieve important information from this Android-based devices.
One of gadgets that are vulnerable to attacks from hackers today are output gadgets such as smartphones Samsung Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, Note Plus Galaxy and Galaxy Note 10.1.
As previously rumored that there are dangerous loopholes in the Samsung gadget that caused the error to apply kernel Samsung Android allows malicious applications have full control over the device.
According to the XDA developer community, Alephzain explained that this gap is found to affect devices that use Exynos processor models 4210 and 4412. Meanwhile, according to Chainfire forum also explained that the gap found in the Samsung gadget needs to watch out because any application can use to gain access to the root without the knowledge of the user, the device is vulnerable.
Although from Samsung itself has made no comment associated with dangerous loopholes in some gadget, but the owner of the android operating system, Google has created a safety net in the form of Google's automated scanners detect malicious applications Playstore for them.
Therefore, you should users of Samsung gadget that is based on android application system to be more cautious against various dangerous gap while waiting for a response from the Samsung security system.


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